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'Looks like a tornado hit this whole area': Hundreds of downed trees in West Linn neighborhood

The neighborhood is covered with trees that fell down during the storm. Residents also haven't had power since Thursday.

WEST LINN, Ore. — Thousands of residents in Clackamas County have been braving the ice and snow for days now, and are now in the dark. That’s because trees were snapping like twigs from the weight of the freezing rain. Walk through the neighborhood off of Ponderosa Loop in West Linn and you will be shocked to see how many trees cover the street.

Neighbor Roy Raat said the ice and snow added up really quick over the weekend. 

“Probably about an inch or two, not that much, but after the snow the freezing rain came and it just had a layer of ice over the snow," said Raat.

There is easily hundreds of trees that are now covering the neighborhood. Not only that, but the entire neighborhood has been without power since last Thursday. Utility crews have spent the last few days driving all over the metro area trying to restore power.

Another bad spot the last couple of days was also in Lake Oswego, where they were out of power too from trees falling on power lines. 

“It sounded last night like trees were exploding in the background," said Kelsey Jorgensen, who lives at an apartment complex where several trees fell onto her neighbor's cars. "If you opened up your window or back porch it was scary."

After seeing one of the biggest February storms on record, everyone is glad to see temperatures finally warm up. Now, they're are hoping for the lights to come back on sooner than later.

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