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Our television, online and mobile platforms can deliver your message via customized advertising opportunities. We'll show how we can help you create an effective multi-media marketing strategy.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and one of our account executives can design options that meet your goals and budget. We'll prepare a custom advertising package designed to deliver results.

Location, location, location: High profile placement on a well-branded and trusted platform keeps you top of mind with local consumers!

Push & pull media strategies: KGW TV, KGW.com, Estrella TV and Cars.com will help you create ads that brand (push) and engage (pull)!

Drive traffic to your site and track results with weekly reports: We'll help you create an effective multimedia strategy that reaches the people you need to reach!

Advertising Information

For advertising information on KGW, KGW.com, the KGW News app, or any of our many broadcast and digital marketing solutions, contact:
Charlie Mirkle: (503) 226-5196, cmirkle@kgw.com.

Targeted visibility for local businesses

KGW.com is proud to partner with DataSphere Technologies, Inc. DataSphere is responsible for powering our community calendar and offering geographically-targeted advertising opportunities across KGW.com.

DataSphere, in partnership with over 100 television stations around the U.S., helps local businesses across the country raise their visibility, convert more customers, and gain a competitive edge with custom marketing packages targeted to specific neighborhoods and communities. For more information visit DataSphere.com.

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Advertising Terms and Conditions

Your purchase of any broadcast or online advertising is subject to TEGNA's standard advertising terms and conditions, which are available here.

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