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What can Oregon voters expect on election night?

Election night is only hours away, so get ready because things could get interesting.

PORTLAND, Ore — How long will it take for Oregon voters to get results?

In Oregon, election results will come fast and early. Tim Scott, director of Multnomah County elections expects to release results for 70-80% of the votes cast for the election at 8 p.m. Additional numbers will be released approximately every hour-and-a-half.

When will local races be called by news organizations?

The Oregonian expects to begin calling some local races within ten minutes of results being released. The high, early turnout should provide better numbers than usual, said Betsy Hammond of The Oregonian’s decision desk: “Oregonians are extraordinarily eager this year to get their ballot in early so that is going to help us all have a better sense of results."

How do news organizations call election winners before all the votes are counted?

News organizations have their own "secret recipe," which is essentially a mathematical formula based on early results, historic trends, how many votes have yet to come in and other factors.

Why will Oregon have results faster than some states?

Mail-in voting is nothing new in Oregon. Years of experience, along with technology, help election officials process ballots faster.

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When will we know who won the presidency?

That is a good question. Some experts say there’s a good chance we won’t know who won the presidential election on election night.  NBC political director Chuck Todd explained, the networks will be especially cautious in calling the presidential race based on heir own state-by-state projections. "We're not going to call the presidency until we've called enough states where one candidate has gotten the 270 they need for the electoral vote," said Todd.

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