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3 things you need to know this Thursday

Oregon has been slow to vaccinate health care workers; Providence performs first 'Jaw in a Day' surgery in Oregon; new COVID-19 restrictions begin tomorrow

Why has Oregon been so slow to vaccinate health care workers?

The federal plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine may be called Operation Warp Speed, but it seems like Operation Barely Moving in Oregon. The state has administered only 20% of its 130,000 available doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Why the delay? Oregon Health Authority spokesman Jonathan Modie gave several reasons, including Pfizer's ultra-cold storage demands, the time it takes to read up on information about the vaccines, and the need to take into account possible side effects. But all of those issues were known before the vaccine was approved. So why wasn't Oregon more on the ball from the start? Modie admitted the state could be doing a better job. "We could be and we are working with the providers to find the ways of improving their efficiency," he said. READ MORE

Providence Cancer Institute performs first ‘Jaw in a Day’ surgery in Oregon

The innovative procedure for patients with oral cancer offers a faster recovery and better cosmetic results. It can accomplish what used to take a year in one day. “The technology behind this is phenomenal," said Dr. Baber Khatib. READ MORE

Here are the new COVID-19 restrictions in Oregon starting tomorrow

Starting New Year's Day, there will be 23 counties in the extreme risk level, six counties in the high risk level, zero at moderate risk and seven at lower risk. Here's what that means for residents and businesses in those counties. READ MORE

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