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Court documents show partner of Legacy hospital gunman filed restraining order against him

It’s unclear what led up to PoniaX Calles shooting and killing a hospital security guard Saturday, but court documents show he was struggling with mental illness.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Court documents reveal the 33-year-old man who opened fire inside Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center Saturday had a history of mental illness and violent behavior.

The gunman, Reginald Kane Jackson changed his name in 2019 to PoniaX Kane Calles. According to court documents obtained by KGW, Ashley Heil has three children with Calless; two young daughters, ages eight and one, and a newborn son whom she gave birth to last week at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. She was still in the hospital two days later when Calles shot and killed the hospital security guard, Bobby Smallwood. 

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Calles was later killed by police after hitching a ride to Gresham from a homeless man who lives out of his van. That man told KGW he did not know what Calles had just done at the hospital. It’s unclear what led up to Calles shooting and killing the security guard.

Court documents show Heil had been in a relationship with Calles since 2012. She filed a restraining order against him on April 21, 2023. In June, that order was dismissed after she failed to appear in court, meaning she did not have an active restraining order against Calles when he opened fire in the Legacy maternity ward on Saturday.

The documents show Heil suffered from domestic violence. In the April restraining order, she said Calles threatened to punch the baby out of her stomach. Another time she said he put her in a chokehold and grabbed her arm leaving a bruise. Child Welfare Services was also involved with their children after allegations that Calles physically abused their 8-year-old daughter. Heil even filed for temporary custody of their children.

Heil said Calles had “anger problems” and asked the court to prohibit him from possessing or purchasing any guns, and to have him move out. She said he had two handguns and a rifle.

The allegations against Calles go back even farther. Court documents show that in 2019 another person filed a stalking protective order against him. He was homeless at the time. They said Calles threw explosives outside their home and pointed a gun at them. This order was dismissed by a judge three months later.

Heil has created a Go Fund Me to raise money as a newly, single mother. She said Calles was struggling with mental illness and didn’t get the help he needed, which in turn is causing her and her children to suffer. 

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