Jermaine Massey was asked to leave a Portland DoubleTree hotel after a security guard called the police on him, while he spoke to his mother on the phone in the lobby.

Massey was a guest at the hotel and after being kicked out, he took to Instagram to detail the incident.

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Jermaine Massey
Jermaine Massey and his legal team

Massey and his legal team are now asking for the DoubleTree for public answers to questions:

1. As the video [a video that was posted on Instagram has since been taken down] shows, the incident took place in a quiet corner of the hotel lobby which was open to the public. At the time, Mr. Massey was returning a personal phone call from his mother who lives on the East Coast. Why was Mr. Massey approached by security?

According to the press release, Massey was told by the security guard that he was a security threat even after he showed his hotel key to prove he was a guest.

2. The security guard told Mr. Massey that he was a "threat to security," a statement echoed by the hotel chain's press release which states, "Safety and security of our guests and associates is our top priority." Please explain in detail in what manner Mr. Massey was a threat to safety or security.

The media release goes on to say that the hotel had requested a private meeting with Massey but he was publicly humiliated and so he is asking for the response from the DoubleTree to be public.