PORTLAND, Ore. – Circuses are a thing of the past in Multnomah County.

County commissioners banned all traveling animal shows on Thursday.

The county adopted an ordinance that prohibits traveling animal displays that include wild or exotic animals for live public entertainment or amusement, according to Jessica Morkert-Shibley, spokesperson for Multnomah County.

That means carnivals, fairs, festivals and circuses with animal shows are no longer welcome in county limits.

“For too long, wild animals used in traveling shows have endured cruel training techniques, constant confinement and consistent deprivation of all that is natural to them,” said Kelly Peterson, senior vice president of state affairs for the Humane Society of the United States.

Multnomah County already bans ownership of exotic animals.

Circuses such as Ringling Brothers used to travel to the Portland area. That organization has since shuttered.

The ordinance excludes horses, mules and donkeys, meaning the wildly popular traveling Cavalia show featuring trained horses is welcome back.

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