JUNCTION CITY, Oregon — If parents and students in the Willamette Valley's Junction City School District want more snow days, it might be due to some incredible parodies of Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel and Queen by two administrators.

Oaklea Middle School Principal Justin Corey Junction City High School and Principal Brian Young show off their singing chops with new lyrics to "Sounds of Silence", "Piano Man" and "Another One Bites The Dust."

In "Sounds of Snow Day" winter scenes are in the background as they are shown together, solo, or with the classic 'hand to the ear' microphone shot. The pair are in wigs (Corey is Garfunkel) and period correct turtlenecks. Lyrics are shown in case you want to karaoke along.

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Hello parents and guardians

We’ve called to talk to you again

Because a storm has come without warning

Left its snow while we were sleeping

And JC schools will be closing for the day

At home we’ll stay

Within the sound of snow day

In restless dreams kids hopes have grown 

Icy streets no bus can roam

‘Neath the darkness of a cold black sky

Kids wake their parents yelling “Snow! Oh My!”

Then they’re out the door while older siblings cue Fortnite

It’s a wondrous sight

And feel the sound of snow day

And in the morning light we saw

One thousand children, maybe more

Kids rejoicing without working

Teachers smiling without speaking

Admin writing songs and posting them to share

Like people care

This is the sound of snow day

By noon wet clothing piles the floor

Parents yelling “shut the door!”

Kids do some chores and don’t sleep till noon

Mix in some math and reading, and cartoons

Enjoy these memories cause soon, it’ll be back to Oregon rain

Echoed in the homes of snow day

And by evening parents prayed

Another call would not be made

And the snowmen line the streets at night

Children snow dancing with delight

And above all, be safe, be warm, and enjoy this family day

And so we’ll say

Here’s to the sound of snow day

With the popularity of "Sounds of Snow Day" the pressure was on for a sequel. This time, the pair spare us of the costumes with a down to earth session in a school music room.

So "Piano Man" becomes "Snow Day Man" and "Another One Bites The Dust" turns into "Another Day Bites The Dust."

And now Wham there is a third video with "Don't Wake Me Up It's Another Snow Day" with backup singers that include Superintendent Kathleen Rodden-Nord.