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Boy's letter to Santa travels from Portland, Ore. to Portland, Maine

Santa reached out to KGW after William's wish list made it to Portland, Maine two days after Christmas. He wants William to know his letter was received.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Update: William has been found! His dad, James Fiscus, sent us this photo to let us know that while his letter to Santa might have arrived late, the elves made sure William got his Indominus Rex. 

Credit: James Fiscus

Original story:

There might be nothing more exciting than waiting for Santa to visit. Perhaps right behind that is the thrill of writing him a letter before Christmas.

“This is the best job anyone can ever have,” Santa said.

A few days removed from his epic Christmas Eve sprint, the big man himself reached out to KGW earlier this week with a request. He’s looking for someone named “William F.” Santa received William’s letter from a Portland-area post office. The only problem is, it was found Dec. 27, two days after Christmas.

“I just couldn't, couldn't believe it couldn't wrap my head around it,” said Santa.

Turns out William’s letter went on a cross-country trip 3,100 miles away to a small town called Moody outside Portland…Maine.

“First of all, if you're trying to find Moody, Maine you're not going to find it, he said. “Moody is a village in the town of Wells, which is in the very southern part of the state of Maine.”

Credit: Google Street View

The mailbox in Moody is one of many around the world where Santa collects mail. The postmistress at the Moody Post Office notified Santa he had one more piece arrive after Christmas.

“I went and got my mail and a bunch of stuff was stuffed in there. I was so busy on Christmas Eve, I never got down to get my mail, so it was full, and this envelope popped up.”

Credit: KGW

The note included William’s wishes: an indominus rex, King Ghidorah, Godzilla, and charger for a remote control car.

“It's obvious two people were involved in writing that letter. He wrote ‘Santa,’ somebody else wrote ‘North Pole,’ and it was maybe an older brother or sister or mom or dad but part of that was written by somebody else. And then towards the end he put in, ‘I have been good.’ The other clue is that he likes dinosaurs. On the postage stamp there is a T-rex postage stamp on it.”

Credit: KGW

So where is William F.? Santa would like to find him, wish him a Merry Christmas and show Santa is all about going the extra mile.

“I want him to know that I did get it and I appreciate him sending it to me. That was very, very helpful, very helpful. And that we missed something with I apologize for it and put it on his list for next year. I'll see that he gets it,” Santa said.

“I appreciate it. I really do. I'd be curious to see if we find anybody if we do if we just jumping for joy.”

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