PORTLAND, Ore. — Spread the word: Kool Aid is alive and well.

After reports surfaced Monday night that a man had been shot and killed at Fernhill Park in Northeast Portland, a rumor started online that the self-made music promoter, well known for selling local artists' rap and hip-hop CDs on the streets, was the man killed in the park.

The rumor spread like wildfire, with a lot of sad posts and RIPs.

One fan even started a GoFundMe for him (it's no longer active).

The news really got to John Hunt, co-owner of Stoopid Burger. He knows Kool Aid because he helped promote the start-up burger star.

“I was working last night and I see the post Kool Aid was dead and then my heart went into a thousand pieces,” Hunt said.

Hunt says Kool Aid is a good guy, with a lot of energy and love for what he does. That's earned him a place in the hearts of plenty of people. Many around Portland mourned online overnight.

By Tuesday morning, a new rumor started spreading: Kool Aid wasn't the man who had been shot in the park. Then around 11 a.m., a video of Kool Aid was posted on Facebook. See for yourself. The man is just fine.

"I'm alive, you know," he said.

Warning: The following video contains language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Koolaid is Alive, now go buy his Mixtape (.)

Posted by Shrista T. Little on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Finding out his friend was still alive turned John Hunt's day right around.

“I see he's alive and I'm like is he, like, Jesus or something? What's going on? It's just crazy but I'm glad he's OK," Hunt said. "He's loved in the community. He's helped a lot of people out and it just shows how much love he has."