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This week in comics: House of X #2, Absolute Carnage, Over the Garden Wall

This week in comics, we start with cute, go to creepy and end on uh... mystifying.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Thank you for joining me on my adventure to understand what is happening to the X-men as we all tumble down the rabbit hole that is the "House of X" and "Powers of X" series.

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Oh yeah, I also read "Absolute Carnage" and "Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies."

You can view the whole review of all of these comics on KGW's Comic Pick of the Week YouTube channel. 

But here are some spoiler-free thoughts:

Over the Garden Wall

Greg and Wirt's adventures continue and they stumble upon a town with no people, or so it seems. The local theater, run by three sisters who seem to be the only inhabitants of the town, is two actors short for its next production. Greg and Wirt, despite their poor acting talents, will be the perfect match, right? With verbiage of "performance of a lifetime" everything will definitely be okay, right?

  • cute
  • spooky
  • 10/10 talking sassy bird

Absolute Carnage

Eddie Brock and Peter Parker team up for superhero stuff to keep big baddie Carnage from murdering people for power and the ability to release an evil god? Alternative universe Reed Richards looks like Alien.

  • long
  • violent
  • interesting
  • creepy in a good way
  • 10/10 symbiotes

House of X #2

The history of the X-Men as we know it is being changed right before our eyes, what a time to be alive! Moira MacTaggert has become a pivotal character which is interesting? Moira has existed in the X-Men universe for some 40 years now in different ways but at the center of everything? Not so much. It is killing me slowly (softly?) that I will have to wait two weeks to get back into this story because the next comic to come out will be "Powers of X #2" and we will be in some other timeline.

  • confusing
  • exciting
  • exciting and confusing! 
  • I have questions
  • 10/10 new mutant history