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The X-Men as you know them are no more; new precedent set in 'Powers of X'

Throw all the X-Men knowledge you've been accumulating for years out the window.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Say goodbye to your Golden Age X-Men. Jonathan Hickman is turning the X-Men franchise on its head with his 12-week run of two different books: "House of X" and "Powers of X."

First came "House of X" which set the X-Men you know and love into a whole different world —  a mutant utopia —  and next came "Powers of X" which rewrote any history you thought you knew.

And it was kind of complicated if I am being honest. I found this Polygon article by Susana Polo helpful in the quest to digest exactly what I was reading.

These two books come out concurrently and so it makes for a unique reading experience. It appears that in "House of X" the reader will be spending time with Xavier and some other familiar faces as they work to build their mutant world on Krakoa. However, in "Powers of X," the timeline fluctuates between past, present, and future.

All this to say I am very excited to see where the X-Men are headed. Are you?