PORTLAND, Ore. – If you love fresh powder on the mountains, you’re in for a special weekend.

Mount Hood will get 2-4 feet of fresh, premiere powder from Friday through Sunday, according to KGW chief meteorologist Matt Zaffino.

    “And this is better than our typical Cascade crush of snow, because the snow level will be low, between 500 and 1,500 feet, which means the snow will be cold and powdery. The best the Northwest gets. Champagne-edition powder. Cold-smoke. Fairy dust,” he said.

    Northeast Oregon will be colder, with plenty of snow. Anthony Lakes should see 10-20 inches of high-quality powder over the weekend, with the greatest snowfall coming Saturday, said Zaffino.

    Central and Southern Oregon's greatest snowfall will come late in the weekend, likely Sunday and Monday.

    “By Monday, Mt. Bachelor should have about 3 feet of new snow from the weekend, and Mt. Ashland should get 16-20 inches of new snow.”

    All areas will have great conditions through the weekend and next week as the cold pattern continues. After a break Monday and Tuesday from the stormy weather, the heaviest snowfall should shift into southern Oregon with a new storm Wednesday, Zaffino said.

    “The snow will be great and there will be lots of it! Just be ready for very cold and windy weather and lots of snow on the roads, and enjoy!”