PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland native Colin O’Brady is back at home after setting two world records while doing the Explorers Grand Slam.

That’s climbing the highest mountain on each continent and doing expeditions across both the North and South Poles. He did it in 139 days. That’s a new world’s record. He also set a record for climbing the seven summits.

O’Brady set out on this trip to inspire children. He’s set up a foundation dedicated to helping them get active, get healthy and dream big. His goal is to raise a million dollars. He’s also visited several schools.

He said along the way he said that while he wanted to inspire children something changed “knowing that there were kids cheering me on kept me going in the hardest moments.”

Eight years ago, O'Brady was seriously burned in an accident. He was told he might never walk again but he did recover. He spent six years as a pro triathlete before deciding to turn his attention to activities that allow him to give back.

O’Brady is going to rest for a little while and focus his efforts on fund raising for his foundation.

If you’d like to learn more go to his website at beyond72.com