WOODLAND, Wash. — Three Woodland High School seniors are celebrating perfect scores on the math section of their SATs.

Evan Ailinger, Michael Gabalis and Orion Hollar all recently learned they achieved a perfect 800.

The College Board says that the number of students who receive a perfect score in any section of the test is less than 1 percent. According to the Woodland School District, the chance that all three students received perfect scores is less than one-in-a-million.

“Having three students do it in a single school year is almost unheard of and the staff is incredibly proud of the students’ accomplishment and the hard work they put in to make it happen,” said Woodland principal John Shoup.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an admission requirement for most colleges and universities.

Ailinger says he is considering joining the military and working in their Nuclear Study division.

“One position that really appeals to me is operating the control board for nuclear reactors,” he said. “The responsibility and accountability of that position really appeals to me.”

Gabalis hopes to attend the University of Washington and plans to major in Aerospace Engineering.

“I also really enjoy English and History so I might minor in something in those areas, too,” said Gabalis.

Hollar hopes to attend Oregon State University and major in Electrical Engineering.

“OSU’s location near the ocean results in a really excellent electrical engineering where they’re currently studying whether the ocean’s currents can be harnessed to generate electricity.”