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Oregon anti-vax doctor files $35M defamation suit

Dr. Paul Thomas' medical license was suspended by the Oregon Medical Board in 2020 for his “grossly negligent" failure to adequately vaccinate kids in his care.
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PORTLAND, Ore — A Portland pediatrician on Thursday filed a defamation and civil rights lawsuit against members of the Oregon Medical Board, alleging they maliciously destroyed his practice over his refusal to follow federal vaccination recommendations.

Dr. Paul Thomas alleges in his complaint filed in U.S. District Court that the board stripped him of his medical license because he “had the temerity to follow the law and give his patients informed consent.”

He is asking for “at least” $35 million in damages.

“This case is a particular example of how the board and its individual members sought to destroy Dr. Thomas because he asked questions and failed to blindly follow its anti-science doctrine that all children must be injected with all the CDC-recommended vaccines,” the complaint says.

The board had no comment. Thomas' license is listed as "active" on the board's website.

Thomas, who practiced pediatric medicine for more than 30 years and owns Integrative Therapeutics, contends that he “asked questions and sought information about the health outcomes of vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children.”

“The results of his scientific inquiry demonstrate that children who received the full CDC-recommended vaccine schedule are much less healthy than children who do not,” the lawsuit says.

He claims the board members view informed consent as the doctor’s responsibility to “strong-arm parents into agreeing to vaccinate their child in accordance with the CDC recommendations.”

The medical board in December 2020 suspended Thomas’ license, saying that his failure to adequately vaccinate children against preventable, debilitating diseases was “grossly negligent.”

Read the full story and the lawsuit at the Portland Business Journal.

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