FLORENCE, Ore. – A 37-year-old Dallas woman who was reported missing last week was found alive on Wednesday near the Sea Lion Caves in Florence.

Heather Mounce was last heard from on the afternoon of Aug. 12 when she called a family member. Her car was found parked next to Highway 101 near the caves. Dallas police said on Saturday it did not appear she was abducted and traveled to the area on her own accord.

On Wednesday, she was found alive by her husband at the base of “steep terrain along the shoreline,” near her vehicle, according to the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard hoisted Mounce to safety by helicopter at around 2 p.m. They said she was stable at the time of the rescue.

Dallas police commended Mounce’s resilience.

“Her survival speaks volumes about her strength and the persistence of her loved ones,” said Lt. Jerry Mott.