ST. HELENS, Ore. — Have you ever gone to pay for a cup of coffee, only to find out the person in front of you picked up your tab. This “paying it forward” may last a few customers before it eventually stops. 

On Thursday, Oct. 11, it lasted for more than two hours in Saint Helens. Customers were picking up the tab for everything from milkshakes to multiple meals for the cars behind them. Leah Williams, is the general manager at the Burgerville in Saint Helens. She says she still can’t believe the generosity her employees saw.

“It went on for about 51 cars we’ve had this happen before where people have sent messages never for 51 cars that’s an all time record, says Williams.

A few of the orders were inexpensive but the most expensive order was around forty dollars according to Williams. This all began around six thirty on Thursday night and lasted to about nine o’clock. During that time, Burgerville sold eight hundred dollars worth of food as customers kept on paying it forward to one another.

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