PORTLAND, Ore. — United States Coast Guard crews along the Oregon and Washington coasts have assisted 17 fishermen in need of help since Sunday.

The five responses involved crews from Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment and Coast Guard Air Facility Newport, in coordination with crews from Coast Guard Sector Columbia River and Coast Guard Sector North Bend.

The fishermen experienced problems that ranged from fuel injector issues to loss of propulsion and steering, according to the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard has been the only military branch to work without pay during the government shutdown. Members missed their first scheduled paychecks on Jan. 15.

On Friday, President Trump and congressional leaders agreed to a deal that would temporarily reopen the government for three weeks. The legislation would include back pay for some 800,000 federal workers, including Coast Guard members, who have gone without paychecks.

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The Associated Press contributed to this story.