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The Clackamas Bookshelf nears milestone

This June, The Clackamas Bookshelf will pass the 50,000-book milestone.

Fifty-thousand books may seem like a lot to give away, but for Katy Reed Preston it's only the beginning.

Four years ago she began collecting books with the intent of getting them into the hands of every child in Clackamas County. This June she will have passed the 50,000-book milestone for The Clackamas Bookshelf, and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

If there's one criticism you could levy against Katy, it would be that she's too generous. While her intent was to give away children's books, in order to get them, she began accepting donations of all books for children and adults. Katy now takes those extra books and, once a month, sells them to at the Bookshelf store located adjacent to the office. The books are sold for 25 cents a piece. She then uses those funds and - you guessed it - buys new children's books.

If you would like to volunteer your time or are interested in buying a book from the store you can find more information at theclackamasbookshelf.org.

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