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Who is Sean Feucht? Controversial worship leader attracts hundreds to Portland

Feucht's revivals across the country have drawn large crowds, usually not wearing masks or social distancing, and in defiance of state coronavirus restrictions.

PORTLAND, Ore. — On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered along the Portland waterfront to see Sean Feucht, a worship leader who has generated controversy for holding outdoor revivals in states across the country in defiance of state coronavirus restrictions.

Most of the people in attendance at the Portland event weren't wearing masks or social distancing. Oregon's COVID-19 regulations clearly state that faith gatherings are capped at 50 people with physical distancing for indoors and outdoors.

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Feucht left Portland and took his traveling worship service to Seattle on Sunday, where hundreds attended, again without masks or social distancing.

So who is Sean Feucht?

First of all, his last name is pronounced "Foyt". He's 36 years old and from Missoula, Montana. His website refers to him as "a missionary, artist, speaker, author, activist and the founder of multiple worldwide movements." His website also says he's released 22 music albums, co-authored five books and developed an online school.

Feucht also ran for election to the U.S. House to represent California's 3rd Congressional District this year. He lost in the primary election on March 3, garnering 13.5% of the vote.

He has nearly 35,000 followers on Twitter, where during the pandemic he's ridiculed or spoken out against social distancing rules, Dr. Fauci, state lockdowns and bans of large crowds.

Feucht has been a regular guest on Fox News, including after this weekend's event in Portland.

According to his website, Feucht started three religious movements, Burn 24-7, Light a Candle and Hold the Line.

Feucht is married to his wife, Kate, and they have four children, Ketura, Malachi, Ezra and Zion.

Credit: seanfeucht.com/press
Sean Feucht and his wife, Kate, and their four children, Keturah, Malachi, Ezra, and Zion.


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