BEAVERTON, Ore. — A man who dragged a North Plains police officer while fleeing a traffic stop last week was arrested Monday in Aloha, authorities said.

William Callaway, 32, of Aloha faces charges including third-degree assault, eluding in a vehicle, failure to perform the duties of a driver and giving false information to a police officer.

Callaway was caught after Washington County sheriff's deputies arrived at an Aloha home where he was staying Monday afternoon. Callaway ran away, but deputies tracked him down and arrested him with tracking help from a Hillboro police K-9.

The beginning of the Jan. 15 incident was caught on video on Highway 26. Video shows a police officer catch a driver using the shoulder to get around stop-and-go traffic.

The video from a driver's dashboard camera was posted to Reddit and has since gone viral. It shows the driver of a small vehicle blowing by traffic on the shoulder when an officer suddenly flashes sirens and begins to chase.

Watch the video

Commenters on Reddit said the frustration of seeing the driver use the shoulder as an extra lane resonated with them. Some hailed the driver of a white pickup truck a hero after the driver quickly veered out of the way to allow the officer to chase the traffic dodger.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reported the video showed the beginning of a chase involving a North Plains police officer.

North Plains police reported an officer pulled over the reckless driver, later identified as Callaway, on Highway 26 near 185th Avenue shortly after 5 p.m. During the traffic stop, Callaway gave officers a false name and date of birth, police said. When officers attempted to arrest Callaway, he started his vehicle and sped away. 

While driving away, an officer was dragged about 10 feet and his foot was run over, according to police. The injured officer and assisting officers pursued the fleeing driver again but stopped near the Murray Boulevard exit for safety concerns.

The officer suffered minor injuries and was later released from a hospital.