Lake Oswego's Dealer Spike's revenue grew by 141 percent between 2014 and 2016.

To deal with its upward mobility, the website design and maintenance company, like many of its tech brethren, needs workers. It's currently hiring for 12 open positions, adding to a nearly 440-employee base.


By the same token, Viewpoint is hiring more than 40 workers, with 30 jobs open in Portland.

The tech companies are part of a wave of companies that are looking to hire hundreds in Oregon as 2018 gets underway. Oregon's 4.1 percent unemployment rate, which has basically held steady over the past year, suggests that job-seekers have the upper hand as they look for new gigs.

At the same time, Oregon companies such as Dealer Spike are doing well. At Dealer Spike, the job openings relate both to company growth and to geography.

"We are (putting) an especially large focus on those who live between Wilsonville and Salem, as we are moving to our new office in Wilsonville in just a few short months," said Paige Jurgensen, a Dealer Spike recruiter. "We are building out an amazing new space with increased capacity to accommodate our growth."

At Viewpoint, a national construction wave has the companies the Portland firm works with needing new software.

"We finished 2017 with record sales numbers in back-to-back quarters and will be hiring extensively in 2018 to keep up with demand," said Abe Cohen, Viewpoint's senior vice president for marketing. "The construction industry is booming at the moment, so many of our clients are hiring. In fact, finding skilled labor is a major challenge for many contractors and is often cited as the biggest inhibitor to even faster growth within the industry."

Cohen and Jurgensen have some nuanced takes as to what makes a great candidate.

"Having a strong and well-edited resume is important," said Jurgensen. "Being confident, but not arrogant, is helpful, because we are looking for individuals who we trust to perform well when interacting with clients."

Added Cohen, "The best advice I can give people looking to take the next step in their career is to look for roles that match not only what they’re looking for in the short-term, but for jobs and specific companies that can set them up for longer-term success. Those roles allow candidates to boost both their resume and skillsets to be an even more attractive candidate in the future as the job market continues to evolve."

As part of a mini-series on Oregon's jobs (it runs through Thursday), we've included in this piece a list of 30-plus companies that are hiring; you can see it by clicking on the link above. And, if your business is looking to bring on workers, let us know and we'll add you to the gallery.

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