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What Happens When you Say "Yes"

What Happens When you Say "Yes"

The Facebook message said, Because of you and the fuel band, I see hope where I did not before. Maybe I can be in a place where I can do the Shamrock Run next year, too.

Annie was in a car crash several years ago and suffered severe injuries. It's difficult for her to walk, and it's always painful. Her doctor encourages her to keep moving for her rehabilitation and her health. But, she told me she finds it hard to find the motivation sometimes, especially with the pain.

I met Annie two years ago. She always brings a generous donation to the KGW Food Drive. This year, she stopped by our collection drive at the Hollywood Fred Meyer and stayed a while to visit. She shared more of her recovery story with me and how difficult it has been.

She noticed the Nike Fuel Band I was wearing. I shared with her how I was training for the Shamrock Run and the Wild Canyon Games in May, as part of the Nike Fuel Executive Challenge. The Games invited 56 members of various corporations in the Portland/Vancouver metro to take part in the inaugural competition. I am on an 8 person team named The Usual Suspects .

Our team includes Portland Police Chief, Mike Reese; Suzanne Hayden, Executive Director of the Citizens Crime Commission; Emily Boscacci of Regence BlueCross BlueShield; Ron Simon of Discovery Communications; Rick Wedan, USAF Commander; and Tom Sperry, CEO of Rogue Venture Partners.

Part of the mission of the challenge is for participants to encourage their fellow co-workers, family and friends to make fitness a part of their lives and to help them find joy in it.

After our conversation at the food drive, Annie wrote me that she had ordered a Nike Fuel band and was excited about trying it.

As the Shamrock Run got closer, I got Facebook messages from Annie cheering me on and wishing me luck.

A few days later, I got another message. Her Fuel band arrived and she had gotten it all set up.

She was excited. I made my first goal today, she said.

The Fuel band makes hitting your goal an LED light celebration. The band illuminates with bright colors flashing the banner, GOAL.

The next day, another message from Annie. Even though I had pain today, I walked through it, and I made another goal. Maybe next year I really will be able to take part in the Shamrock Run.

Annie posted a picture on her own Facebook page of her Nike Fuel band lit up. GOAL.

I ve said before that this challenge is really about everyone going for their own gold. Next year, I hope it's me cheering on Annie in the Shamrock Run/walk as she goes for her gold.

Meantime, we are getting closer to the three day adventure race I am training for now, The Wild Canyon Games in Central Oregon.

Good luck, Annie, and everyone who is on a journey to push themselves a little more to reach their goals, whatever they are.