Carson Mowrer and Sasha Thomas have been friends as long as they can remember. They share a love of science, technology, music and Rubik's cubes.

This passion for the cube has led them to study and learn the algorithms necessary to solve the puzzle. They have produced online tutorials on how to complete the task and have even participated in speed-solving competitions. Sasha's best time is 13 seconds and Carson comes in just over 10 seconds.

In an effort to share their passion with everyone, the two have developed a cube for those previously left out of the Rubik's phenomenon. Sasha's father works with visually impaired military veterans and after spending time with him, Carson and Sasha decided to build a cube for those who could not see.

By replacing the colored squares with textures, the friends created a cube that could be solved by touch instead of by sight. They have tested their new product at the Washington School for the Blind where they have received rave reviews. Many students have solved one side and couple have solved two with plans to finish the whole things, which is a position many of us have been in for the better part of two decades!