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Rod on the Road: Canby, Oregon

Especially touching for the KGW meteorologist was a 6 a.m. pep rally at Canby High School.

'Rod On The Road' in Canby will hold a special part of my heart for as long as I hit the road on Friday mornings.   

Our plan for Sunrise was confirmed days in advance with Canby High School. The plan called for students to hold a pep rally during our 6:00 a.m. hour.  The plan included at least a small pep band, cheer squad and a group of students.  As you can imagine, our KGW team never knows exactly what to expect and we always hope for a fun, visual television segment.

At 5:30 Friday morning, I am in the car with producer Andrew as we approach Canby High. Up ahead, we see dozens of car headlights, I turn to Andrew and ask, “what is going on up ahead?”  Andrew replies, “I think that is us.”

Seconds later it becomes apparent that we are seeing car after car fill the Canby High parking lot as kids walk into the gym. As we walk inside, a large band is playing and the bleachers are filled with what the principle estimated to be 425 highschool students and ready to cheer on their high school and be a part of 'Rod On The Road.'

I must have told twenty individual students that Canby High, makes Rod Hill look good!  My team was simply blown away with the enthusiasm of hundreds of young people having a good time as a body of students representing their town and school. 

As to why so many students decided to show up and take part, it’s likely just a crazy moment.  A crazy moment that I will always cherish. Thank you Candy High Cougars, you are truly a special and very high spirited group!

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