Fifth grader Jaden Irvin has never been to summer camp. He wanted to leave as soon as he arrived. Not so unusual for a kid from Portland who hasn't slept away from home before and is suddenly surrounded by strangers on the Oregon coast.

What is unusual is that his first-time camp counselor, Nick Newby, felt the same way.

"I was really thinking I don't know if this is for me," Newby said. Of course, he didn't say that to the kids. He was hiding something else from them too: A secret identity.

Nick Newby is really "Portland Police Officer" Newby. Most of the counselors here at Camp Rosenbaum are cops, firefighters or members of the National Guard.

They use camp pseudonyms and never mention what they do for a living until the last day when they walk out in full uniform. The idea is to build trust with these kids who live in public housing; kids who may have not-so-great ideas of what it means to be a cop.

Click on the video above to see if the camper and counselor who were both looking for the exit sign on the first night, changed their minds.

Memorial today for Camp Rosenbaum founder

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