PORTLAND, Ore. -- Snow fell and stuck down to 500 feet this morning. It was a Valentine's Day surprise.

"We have a joke that it only snows on holidays now since we got some on Christmas," said Kristen Held walking her kids to school.

A lot of kids in Oregon and Washington had an extra 2 hours to enjoy the weather before getting to school. The colder air was a shock to the system after a mild few weeks. It turned places higher in elevation like Prune Hill in Camas into a winter wonderland.

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"Punxsutawney Phil was right," said James Bond. "At least for the next couple weeks."

There's even talk snow could be possible all the way down to the valley floor in just a few days.

"Sunday and Monday are my weekend so it can snow all it wants," said Bond.

The odds of valley snow drops drastically as we head towards March in a normal year, but this being a La Nina winter means it is not a typical year.

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