PORTLAND, Ore. -- "OMSI After Dark" is hoping to create a spark for Valentine's Day. Love and science will mix to create a memorable night.

From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Valentine's Day you are encouraged to dress up in 80's prom attire and big hair for an event called "Prom-si." The idea is to bring back memories of young love.

You'll see dark rooms experimenting with shadow puppets in the soon-to-be-ending Illusions exhibit and huddle close to see a face come together in a unique art illusion.

It's perfect for a date: no awkward pauses and no lulls in the conversation over dinner.

"It allows you to see who this other person is, maybe they're a little more adventurous or boisterous than you thought, maybe that's a good thing, maybe that's not a good thing," said John Farmer of OMSI.

All the normal exhibits will be open, but only for those 21 and older. There will be beer and wine at the event.

Since Valentine's Day is all about love and attraction, you'll learn how animals court each other, how flowers reproduce and why you're drawn to that certain someone.

"Scientists have done studies where they found individuals are attracted to people that have compatible immune systems and a lot of that is signaled through body odors, so we have a sampling of sweaty t-shirts that people get to smell and see who they find most attractive," said Matt Miller, events coordinator for OMSI.

Dating app OkCupid is a sponsor, encouraging singles to make matches at OMSI. You can also learn how to DJ, dance to a laser light show and visit vendor booths. Step into the Infinity Room, a trippy mirror and light experience that will have you wondering where the floor ends and where space begins.

You can buy your ticket online in advance. It's $15 for non-members.