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'We don't charge anything, it's just a matter of helping people out' | Tri-State 4X4 helping drivers stuck in snow

A group of good Samaritans own trucks and a willingness to help motorists who slide-off roadways.

GASTONIA, N.C. — Winter weather brings joy to many -- and for some drivers,  a lot of slide-offs and mishaps. Now, a group of volunteers is helping motorists that get stuck in snow and ice in several counties around the Gastonia area.

Tri-State 4X4 and Assistance consists of several truck owners working together to help neighbors who need their vehicles towed out of the snow and ice.

"We love helping people out, it's just one of those deals... put a smile on your face, you put a smile on their face, and move on to the next one," David Berryhill, a driver for Tri-State 4X4, said. "We don't charge anything, it's just a matter of helping people out." 

Tri-State told WCNC Charlotte the team has already helped dozens of drivers trapped by the winter blast that passed through earlier in the week. They are preparing to answer the call once again in the coming days -- ready for anything that comes through. 

"I'm so thankful, I was on my way to work," Tabitha Geer said. A driver pulled her back onto the road near Crowder's Mountain on Wednesday after sliding off her driveway. "I'm just so thankful it's out," she said.

Tri-State warns against speeding in wintery weather and says to never overaccelerate if your car is stuck. They say overaccelerating is one of the leading causes of severe engine damage. 

Tri-State 4X4 can be found on Facebook and told WCNC Charlotte they will try to help as many people as they can, but can not guarantee help for everyone. 

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