PORTLAND, Ore. – After three months without significant rainfall, it’s now rained four days in a row and Wednesday was the wettest day in Portland in seven months.

KGW chief meteorologist Matt Zaffino said 1.09 inches of rain fell in Portland on Wednesday. The last time the Rose City had that much rain in a day was on Feb. 16, when 1.7 inches fell.

Zaffino also said it was the first day Portland got more than an inch of rain since April 26.

Rain stats for Sept. 20, 2017
Rain stats for Sept. 20, 2017

We could see more rain on Thursday, too.

“Scattered showers will continue to pepper the area overnight and Thursday, with the best chance of rain coming Thursday afternoon,” he said.

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The rain should completely be over Thursday night and warmer weather returns Friday.

Still, September is the first month since April Portland will have above average rainfall. About 2.1 inches have fallen so far this month.