ODOT maintenance manager Bob Rake said as many as nine plows and five deicer trucks will be available to keep the Sylvan Pass on Highway 26 and other highways on the west side open.

“Nice thing is roads are dry. Traffic is somewhat light and they’re forecasting as this comes in should be upper elevations around Sylvan, I think they’re saying 500 feet and above,” Rake said.

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Ranke does not plan to use salt on the roads but will if it’s needed. The city of Portland used a record amount of road salt this week 140 tons.

“This week we had the most extensive, most widespread use of road salt in the history of the city of Portland,” said spokesman Dylan Rivera.

It’s a remarkable turnaround for a city that shunned the use of road salt for decades because it was environmentally unfriendly.

On Friday, city crews preemptively spread salt on 30 different city streets.