PORTLAND, Ore. — Thinking of jumping into the nearest lake or river to cool off during this brief span of record-setting heat? Think again.

The National Weather Service warned that while the air temperature is hot, the water temperature of many lakes and rivers are still cold.

The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services also offered the same warning, saying water temperature below 70 degrees can be uncomfortable and unsafe. The temperature of the Willamette and Clackamas rivers have ranged from the low to mid-60s the last few days.

The weather service says it only takes a person one minute to go into “cold shock,” which causes involuntary gasping and difficulty breathing. It only takes 10 minutes for a person to lose muscle control, NWS said.

If you do choose to go into your local lake or river, you should wear a life jacket and cold-water protection gear, such as a wet suit, the weather service advised.

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While the air is hot, the water may still be cold
While the air is hot, the water may still be cold
National Weather Service