Puget Sound Forecast: Wednesday's clearing will continue into Thursday, which starts clear, but cold. Lows will dip to 36 to and the high will only reach about 50 degrees for Puget Sound. Our partly-sunny, scattered showers pattern continues for a few days. 


Thursday will start mostly clear and cold. Lows Thursday will drop into the low to mid-30s in many areas and maybe dropping in the upper 20s in the cooler spots.  

Cool air will remain over the Northwest on through the weekend with a few showers possible off and on. 

Both of our main computer models, both the US and European, have made a big shift next week. They are now building high pressure in over the state for dry weather, more sunshine, and warming temperatures. We might push up towards the elusive 60 degree mark mid to late next week. 

The summer solstice is just 80 days away!