Today will likely be the warmest of the week with Portland and Salem highs in the mid to upper 70s. Look for increasing cloud cover this afternoon and an increasing chance of showers after 4:00 pm as a weak front pushes inland. Friday night and Saturday will see scattered showers, but total rainfall will average less than .15" and some areas may see only a trace of moisture. Saturday showers will be most numerous, east towards the Cascades, north of Vancouver and far fewer in number over Salem and to the south. Fall arrives Saturday at 6:54 PM, PDT.

After that, an extended period of dry and increasingly warm weather begins.

Morning fog and low clouds gives way to sunshine Sunday afternoon, with highs near 70 degrees. Next week brings east winds, which in turn helps bring 80-degree temperatures to western Oregon for at least a couple of days. Forecast models have been hinting at near 90 degree weather.

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