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Fallen trees leave Portland-area families with thousands of dollars in damages

Over the weekend, weather caused large trees to fall onto cars and buildings in several neighborhoods across the Portland metro area.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Some Portland-area families are working to repair thousands of dollars in damages from trees that fell this weekend.

On Sunday, crews in North Portland dragged heavy branches into a wood chipper. About a day earlier, a 150-foot tall evergreen tree had fallen into the neighborhood on North Watts Street.

"I hear a boom and I came outside, and the tree was down," described neighbor Evan Jackson. "Split in half, across the cars, across the street."

The tree barely missed crushing houses on the block, but damaged awnings, gutters and powerlines.

Families lost power for a couple days as electricians worked to repair the connections to homes.

"Fortunately there was nobody hurt," Jackson said.

Portland Parks and Recreation Urban Forestry crews have responded to about 40 tree issues because of weekend wind and rain damage.

In late October, landscape architect and tree expert Thomas Adkisson spoke with KGW about ongoing challenges.

"It's been a banner year for tree service," Adkisson said.

Adkisson owns Clay's Tree Service in Portland and said the work has been constant.

"From February and hasn't stopped."

He said most businesses like his have been booked through the end of the year. Issues driving business include tree growth earlier in the year, February's ice storm and damage from summer's heatwave.

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This weekend, Tigard also saw big trees come down.

"Damaged a fence, a pool shed, and part of a cherry tree," said Tony Rizzuto, surveying his backyard.

Rizzutto said he has preemptively removed about 20 similar large cedar trees from his property out of concern they would come down at some point.

One did, but did not hurt anybody or destroy any homes.

"Very fortunate, very fortunate," Rizzutto said.

Back in North Portland, Jackson said the mess will take a while to clean up and thousands of dollars to repair. He expressed hope people pay attention this winter.

"Just be careful of what you do, and check your trees!"

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For any tree-related inquiries, requests, or concerns, contact the Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry Division’s citywide tree hotline. Email trees@portlandoregon.gov or call 503-823-TREE (8733).