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Where to go after 'The Big One'? There are 50 meeting spots in Portland

Most of the sites are either at parks or schools.

PORTLAND, Ore. — We rely on our phones for everything these days, but what would happen if a natural disaster like an earthquake wiped out cellphone towers?

Laura Hall works with Neighborhood Emergency Team, NET for short. She volunteers with the Arbor Lodge Emergency Team, a team of volunteers that train people to respond to emergencies.

There are 50 different sites across Portland where people can go in case of a massive earthquake or natural disaster. Most of the sites are either at parks or schools.

Find a site near you

Credit: City of Portland
Earthquake meeting spots in Portland

“It's important because we need to be able to communicate if our phones stop working and the computers stop working,” Hall said. “So, if I need help I can go there and request help.”

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In an event of a natural disaster, volunteers will reach out through radio communications to first responders, so they can check on someone who might need help. Hall said sites are usually set up within 24 hours of a disaster.

For more information about the Neighborhood Emergency Teams visit Portlandprepares.com.

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