PORTLAND, Ore. — If a major magnitude 8 or larger earthquake were to strike the Portland area, Multnomah County engineers say the Burnside Bridge would collapse.

It's something county engineers are well aware of and are working right now to change.

Experts say we could get a major earthquake here in our region really at any time now.

If that were to happen today, the more than 90-year-old bridge would fall, according to county engineers.

The county has created a simulation of what they believe a magnitude nine earthquake would do to the Burnside Bridge. Part of it would collapse onto Naito Parkway and Waterfront Park.

The intense shaking would break the bridge apart sending entire sections crashing into the river.

All ramps leading to the bridge would crumble.

According to the county, the only Portland bridges that would be usable after a mega-quake would be the Tillikum Crossing and the new Sellwood Bridge.

"The goal is to make the Burnside of all the county downtown bridges the one we can count on to be in use after that big earthquake," said Mike Pullen, a spokesman for Multnomah County.

The public has until this end of this month to comment on what they would like to see happen with this bridge.

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