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Poor air quality has returned to Portland and will stay into the week Haze from wildfires burning in Washington and B.C. returned to Portland on Sunday and brought poor air quality with it. The National Weather Service in Portland advises residents in the Portland area to avoid outdoor activities through Tuesday. Read more

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The beloved Cozmic Coffee cart in Southeast may be forced to close after car crashes into it The cart at 82nd and Foster was completely knocked off its foundation, says owner Don Miller. He thought insurance would cover the damage, but a claim was denied. The company says the cart is a "vehicle" and not property, though it doesn't move, he says. Read More

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'We respect you': Portlanders come together to show support for immigrants More than 70 community organizations came together to put on the ‘WALK with Refugees and Immigrants” event. "We are hardworking and we are courageous. And we cannot let, we must not, let others change the narrative around who we are," a participant told the crowd. Read More

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