PORTLAND, Ore. — Looking for the right mask to protect yourself from Portland's harmful air?

Typical dust masks don't provide adequate protection. But the N95 mask, which can be found at most hardware stores or online, will do the trick.

"The N95 filters are supposed to take out 95 percent of the particulates that are 0.3 microns or less," said Dan Rausch, who works at Suburban Ace Hardware.

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What about itchy eyes? Those fine particulates in the air are what cause the itch.

Tracy Doll, an optometrist and dry eye specialist for Pacific University, said she's seen an increase in patients.

"The smoke is definitely affecting a lot of my patients," she said. "A lot of them are coming in."

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Doll suggests using non-preservative eye drops before and after being outside in the smoke. She also said sunglasses offer real protection.

"I think the first inclination is to drop the sunglasses because it doesn't seem quite as bright," Doll said. "Well, put them back on. They're going to protect from harmful UV rays and it's also going to deflect particulates and extra things floating around in the air that tend to get towards the eyes for outdoor enthusiasts."

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