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Driving Me Crazy: Waiting in line at the DMV

The worst thing about the DMV, many people agree, is the long wait. At some Portland metro area DMVs, you have to plan your whole day around the trip. But with a growing list of Oregon DMV services available online, that wait could soon be a thing of the past.

PORTLAND, Ore. — There are about 4.1 million registered vehicles in the state of Oregon. Each year Oregon issues nearly 200,000 new driver's licenses and renews another 350,000. Local DMV offices conduct more than 370,000 tests of driving knowledge and skill. 

You get the idea: Your local DMV is a VERY busy place. They perform a LOT of tasks, not only for the motoring public, but also law enforcement.

The DMV is a place synonymous with long waits and lots of paper work, and it’s a nearly universally shared experience that drives people crazy.

What you may not know is that your Oregon DMV is in the midst of a major transformation, bringing more services online, so you don’t have to wait in line.

You can now check on the availability of custom plates, reprint your registration renewal receipt, and order a trip permit, which has many uses.

'Driving Me Crazy': Red light runners, intersection blockers and more! 

These are all services that once required a trip to your local DMV office. No more. And by July of next year, you’ll be able to start your application for a license, permit or ID card renewal online. Check out the Oregon DMV’s expanding list of online transactions.

I do the Driving Me Crazy series as a generally, but not always, light-hearted look at things that drive people nuts on Portland metro area roadways: Bad designs, bad traffic, bad parking jobs. Post your comments, videos, and photos on my Facebook page or email me: cmcginness@kgw.com

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