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Driving Me Crazy: Close call on I-5

Driving Me Crazy: Viewer video of a very close call on I-5

PORTLAND, Ore. — I do the Driving Me Crazy feature as a generally lighthearted take on things that drive people nuts on area roadways.

This is not one of those cases.

This is viewer video of a very close call on Interstate 5 in North Portland. An ODOT incident response truck was nearly hit by a careless or inattentive driver in the fast lane on southbound I-5 near Going street. This happened about two years ago, though viewer Charie just posted it on my Facebook page

It's probably a good time to remind people of Oregon's updated Move Over Law. As of 2017, it basically applies for any driver showing distress on roads. The rest of us are required to move over and/or slow down. Here's a link to that law

A distant second here, in light of just how close that was to disaster, is the Move It Law.  Added in 2017, it basically says, if you break down or you're involved in a non-injury crash, you need to move out of the lanes of travel. More on that here from ODOT. It's a major point of safety, and helps with congestion and ultimately the risk of secondary crashes.

It looks like the driver being assisted by ODOT here did the right thing and moved to the emergency lane.  An even better choice, per ODOT, would have been to move to the right shoulder where there's usually more room.

What drives you crazy? Post your videos and pictures on my Facebook page. On Twitter. Or if you're just anti-social you can email me cmcginness@kgw.com.

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