It’s hard to resist the temptation to see what you’ll look like when you’re old.

Everyone from J.J. Watt to Carrie Underwood has tried the viral app this week.

Why not? FaceApp is free.

However, a warning has been shared online that says to delete FaceApp, because you’ll be charged $20 once a trial period ends.

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A FaceApp spokesperson explained the confusion.

The app itself is free, but you can opt into a “Pro” version.

You opt in when you open the app the first time. It asks if you want to subscribe to a free trial of FaceApp Pro.

If you say yes, you will be charged $20 after three days.

Therefore, KHOU can verify FaceApp will charge some customers three days after they download the app.

For those who decline the offer, you will not be charged.

FaceApp says all their age filters are available for free.