Some people see a physical injury, not as a negative, but as a chance to work hard and better themselves. Kahl Murdock took that philosophy to the extreme.

After sustaining an injury playing football as a seventh grader, Kahl decided to take up robotics as a way to scratch his competitive itch while he recovered. Consider that itch scratched. Kahl’s love of, and talent for, robotics was so great that in less than a year he had qualified for the World Championships.

While he was a good athlete growing up, in robotics Kahl found his passion and a place to belong.

Kahl and his mother have both spent significant time in the hospital. Through these experiences Kahl developed a sense of gratitude and a desire to share with others. Through robotics, Kahl found his avenue and he did what every 15-year-old high school freshman does — he started a nonprofit.

Team Oregon Robotics Club (TORC) aims to give children a sense of belonging through robotics. Kahl began funding his organization by selling cotton candy in the summer. This year he decided to set his goals a little higher.

On March 3, Kahl will host a Gala for TORC at Eola Hills winery. He’s secured a celebrity emcee, he has the entertainment, he has the food and auction items, now he just needs you. Tickets are available here.