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Rare salt mounds form on Great Salt Lake

Miralites, salt formations typically only found in the Arctic, Antarctica, and Mars, have shown up for the first time on Utah's Great Salt Lake.

SALT LAKE CITY — (KSL)  Some people might go to Utah's Great Salt Lake and see nothing.

But all that nothing sure filled up Brittany Kieger’s camera.

“Yeah, I just can’t get over the view,” she said while taking another picture. “I see beauty. It’s just so calm and peaceful out here.”

Sharing that feeling with visitors is why Allison Thompson loves being a ranger at the state park here.

“It’s so exciting to see their joy and their excitement to come and see my park, our park, the state’s state park,” said Thompson with a laugh. “I just love it out here and want to share it with everyone.”

Lately, though, there’s one thing she can’t wait to show visitors.

Near the visitor’s center are four salt mounds, or salt formations, that have never been documented on the Great Salt Lake.

Thompson first noticed the formations in October when they were small.

As they started to grow, she contacted state geologists to have a look at them.

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