PORTLAND, Ore. — Eleven people were arrested at the Zenith Energy plant in Northwest Portland on Monday.

The protesters were each charged with one count of second-degree criminal trespassing. 

Portland police said each person was arrested after their third warning to leave the property. No force was used in the arrests.

Protesters began blocking the train tracks at the plant on Sunday.

The group, "Extinction Rebellion," is demanding the area be re-zoned from an industrial corridor to green space.

The demonstrators said the protest was to bring attention to the crude oil and fossil fuels brought in and housed at the site — which they say are dangerous to the community and the environment.

The group planted a so-called "victory garden" over the tracks — and even brought in a tiny house. Protesters said city leaders are not following through with their pledges to fight climate change.

"They seem unable to summon the political courage," protester Ken Ward said.

VIDEO: Activists at Portland City Hall protest oil terminal expansion (from March 13, 2019)

Portland police were at the protest throughout the day Sunday, but didn't break it up.

KGW reached out to Zenith Energy but has not heard back.