PORTLAND, Ore. -- Online passwords are something we all live with grudgingly. Whether having to constantly reset it, or worrying about being hacked, the passwords we use to protect our digital lives are not always a simple matter.

Which is why the Portland tech company Iovation is making a big deal of its newest product which could eliminate the need for passwords online.

“Technically, that day is here,” said Iovation CEO Greg Pierson.

He said his company does not gather information on people but it gets a lot of details about devices.

It can capture your computer or phone's browser language, time zone, font size, and address along with other hardware and software information.

It uses that information to tell its business clients whether you are simply having trouble getting into your account -- or someone has stolen your information.

“And when those devices and only one of those devices connect to their favorite online account that's protected by Iovation, we can give that business assurance that this is in fact your customer and not someone who has guessed or stolen their customer's user name and password,” said Pierson.

Which doesn’t mean passwords will disappear immediately. But they will one day.

“There might be reasons to continue for many years to come to continue to have a password for users because it something they're comfortable with but the technology is here today to have a password less experience,” said Pierson.

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