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LISTEN: Boyfriend of Kaylee Sawyer calls 911

Camron Reimhofer brought Kaylee back to their apartment just after midnight on July 24, 2016. She left to cool off, but by the morning, hadn't returned.
Credit: KGW

BEND, Ore. — Urge to Kill is a KGW podcast following the rape and murder of Kaylee Sawyer. After celebrating a bachelorette party in downtown Bend, Oregon in July of 2016, Kaylee disappeared in the middle of the night. The horrific details of her brutal rape and killing shook the residents of the quiet town in the Pacific Northwest. Her murderer would go on to terrorize several other families in a multi-state crime spree. He said he had the “urge to kill.” Our team sat down with all of his victims who were lucky to get out alive. 

Urge To Kill launches Nov. 5. 

Just after celebrating a bachelorette party in July 2016, Kaylee Sawyer disappeared in the middle of the night. The horrific details of her brutal rape and eventual death shook the residents of a quiet town in the Pacific Northwest. Her killer would go on ...

Camron Reimhofer, Kaylee's longtime boyfriend, got into a fight with her during the early morning hours of Sunday, July 24, 2016. Kaylee went on a walk to cool off, but disappeared. Her phone had died. By that morning, Camron still hasn't heard from her and decided to call 911 to report her missing. 

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Dispatcher: How can I help you? 

Camron: Hi. I'm not sure if this is quite the right number to call. Last night I got home from the bars, my girlfriend and she got upset at me and ran off and I chased her and wasn't able to find her. And I still haven't heard from her. Her phone's off. I called all our family and they haven't heard from her. So I'm wondering what you recommend I do.

Dispatcher: We've put in a call and we can have officers or deputies look for her. Where was she last seen?

Camron: College Way, Alpine Meadows Apartment Complex. It's like the top of College Way.

Dispatcher: In a specific apartment or in the parking lot?

Camron: Just in the parking lot. Yes, we live there together. 

Dispatcher: Okay. What's the address?

Camron: [Redacted for privacy]

Dispatcher: What's the apartment number? 

Camron: [Redacted for privacy]

Dispatcher: And this is her address as well?

Camron: Yes.

Dispatcher: And this was last night. About what time?

Camron: It was like one o'clock in the morning.

Dispatcher: And her other friends haven't heard from either?

Camron: Correct. 

Dispatcher: Okay. So did she just take off walking or something from this address? Like she was mad? 

Camron: Yeah. Well she was, yeah, she was mad at me, so I walked inside and told her to come meet me and then when she's like, 'Calm down,' and then I went back out in 10 minutes and she was gone and I called her a few times and she said she was walking down the street and then I guess she said her phone was about to die and then I couldn't get a hold of her after that. Haven't heard from her since.

Dispatcher: What's her last name? 

Camron: Sawyer. 

Dispatcher: What's her date of birth? 

Cameron: March 2, 1993

Dispatcher: And she's got her phone with her?

Camron: She did last I saw her, but it's been dead all day and I imagined she would charge it... [lists Kaylee's phone number].

Dispatcher: Does she have a vehicle? 

Camron: Yes. It's parked at her friend's house and I've been over there and talked to her friend and she hasn't heard from her either. 

Dispatcher: And the vehicle is still there? 

Camron: Yup. It's a Subaru Impreza and it's like a dark blue.

Dispatcher: And it's parked at a friend's house?

Camron: Yes. 

Dispatcher: Any idea where she would go?

Camron: I don't know, I figured she'd go where her car was, her best friend's or her mom's. I've been over to talk to her dad and I just haven't heard anything from anybody who knows where she is. 

Dispatcher: Okay. Does she have a job or anything like that she needs to be at? 

Camron: Not today. She has work tomorrow at Awbrey Dental. 

Dispatcher: And any diagnosed mental or physical health issues? 

Camron: No, none that I know of. 

Dispatcher: And what's your last name? 

Camron: Riemhofer. R-I-E-M-H-O-F-E-R, First name Camron.

DIspatcher: And a phone number for you? 

Camron: [Lists phone number] 

Dispatcher: All right, well I have an officer get in contact with you and if she doesn't give us a call back.

Camron: Okay, will do.

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