The Yamhill-Carlton High School wrestling team is getting ready for a big event. They host what’s been called the Y-C Valley Duals Tournament. This year there’s a big change.

The event is now named the Derek Blake Invitational to honor a former Yamhill-Carlton wrestler.

When Ginger Bowen Hughes found out the event would be named for her son she cried.

Derek Blake graduated from the school in 2017. Wrestling was a big part of his life and he even wrestled in national events. In June of this year he was in a motorcycle accident and suffered a serious brain injury. He’s not walking or talking yet, but is making progress.

His mom calls him “an everyday miracle.” His high school coach says Derek was pivotal in the turnaround of the wrestling program at Yamhill-Carlton.

The Derek Blake Invitational is Friday Dec. 14 at the high school. Derek and his family will be there. You can learn more about Derek and his journey here.

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Derek Blake