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'Sell the team': Fans protest at Portland Timbers match Saturday

A new fan group called Soccer City Accountability Now is calling on the club to answer for its handling of domestic violence and sexual misconduct allegations.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A group of Portland Timbers and Thorns fans is calling on the clubs' management to take accountability for the handling of domestic violence and sexual misconduct allegations over the past few months. 

During the 40th minute of Saturday night's game between the Timbers and Real Salt Lake F.C. at Providence Park, some fans in the stadium held a demonstration, raising signs that said "you knew" and "sell the team."

The demonstrators were part of a newly formed group called Soccer City Accountability Now (SCAN), which has been calling on Timbers and Thorns fans to join them in their call to action. 

"Over the last six months, there's been a series of scandals around the club that revolved around domestic violence and sexual assault by players and coaches towards players and players family members," said Megan Rabone with SCAN.

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The scandals include an investigation into former Thorns coach Paul Riley after he was accused of sexual harassment and sexually coercing his players, which came to light last fall. 

Another black eye is the team's handling of domestic violence allegations against former midfielder Andy Polo. An investigation by Major League Soccer cleared the team of wrongdoing, but the MLS fined the Timbers $25,000 for missteps in reporting the allegations. 

"We really just want an acknowledgement that you did know these things were going on, and you've made a decision, and those decisions were harmful, and that can't just go away with an apology PR piece," Rabone said.

As far as what accountability looks like for Timbers fans, Rabone said there are varied opinions.

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"If you talk to 15 different fans around the stadium, you're going to get 15 different answers," she said. "Personally I would like see the team sold. I would settle for Gavin Wilkinson and Mike Golub being fired."

KGW reached out to Timbers management, who declined to comment on the demonstration.